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TBK405 intelligent LCD screen defoaming machine OCA


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TBK405 intelligent LCD screen defoaming machine OCA defoaming machine 15 inch silent built-in air compressor defoaming machine,TBK-405 15-inch Intelligence LCD Screen Autoclave Defoaming Machine for Mobile Phone Repair.


TBK-405 15-inch Mini LCD Screen Autoclave Bubble Remover Machine(Built-in pump defoamer)



Intelligent screen defoamer, 15-inch defoaming space, integrated forming chamber self-locking buckle inductor, built-in silent air compressor

Integrated air compressor/Super large working chamber/Multifunctional integrated machine/Simple operation

Super large working cabin, mobile phone, tablet, etc, smart devices can be put into the defoaming

Multifunctional integrated machine, a combination of a large defoamer and silent air compressor

More than just removing bubbles, it can also be used as an air compressor, connecting the output air pipe to provide an air supply for the laminating machine and other machines

Aviation aluminum integrated warehouse, integrated forming of the bin, more sealed without air leakage, a better defoaming effect

Built-in ultra silent air pump, the air pumping noise is lower than 50dB

Equipped with a self-locking sensor, when the door is not closed tightly, the air pump cannot work normally without air intake




Brand: TBK

Model: 405

Voltage: 220V

Power: 400W

Noise: 1-50dB

Size of deaeration bin: 240*320*50mm

Product size: 400*283*320mm

Net weight: 28kg

Package size: 440*320*400mm

Package weight: 35kg



Package Included:

1 x TBK-405 Defoaming Machine