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Bamboo Rack-M62 Bamboo Storage Rack


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Yixiu Bamboo Storage Rack-M62, Rotary Screwdriver Holder.
Used to store screwdrivers, stencils, tweezers, screws, and magnetize screwdrivers.
The products are all made of bamboo, which adds a different texture to your maintenance table;
the back is clean and beautiful, especially suitable for open-ended customer-facing maintenance tables​;

Function introduction​:
Built-in bearing in the screwdriver position, it can be rotated quickly, and it is convenient to take different screwdrivers;
built-in strong magnet, which can add magnetism to the screwdriver​;
5 deep holes, suitable for tweezers, because the holes are deep enough not to touch the tip of the tweezers , so it will not damage the tip​; there
are two high and low slots, high-end can put 80mm wide steel mesh, low-end can put small piece of steel mesh​; the
lowest slot at the bottom can put small mobile phone screws or other small accessories​.

M62 overall design concept: craftsmanship, small and exquisite, convenient and practical, adding texture to the maintenance table​.